Laura's background:

Laura’s long-time fascination with Celtic mythology led her to create the “Legends of the Goddess” trilogy (Legends of the Goddess, Beyond the Pale: Legends of the Goddess II, and Trilogy: Legends of the Goddess III) which features musical themes based on the Celtic goddess of ancient myth.  Enhanced by instrumentation such as tin whistle, uilleann pipes and Irish flute, the influence of European pop can be heard throughout the records and lyrically, it is the metaphysical/mythological aspect of Celtic legends that is the central focus.  In addition, Powers utilized her artistic ability as a painter to create the original cover art on all three CDs, melding the lyrical imagery with her oil paintings to present a timeless collection of music and art.

A Celtic Journey is a CD featuring 65 minutes of continuous, uninterrupted instrumental music for massage, relaxation, yoga and bodywork.  This CD was made after numerous requests from massage therapists who enjoyed the Celtic-inspired vocal CDs, and wanted an hour’s worth of continuous, flowing instrumental music.

Code of the Goddess is a musical exploration of the themes of the novel The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, it consists of favorite works and new material that follow the characters and storyline of the novel.

The daughter of a military officer, Laura Powers spent much of her youth living in Europe.  She studied abroad and began singing professionally in college.  She went on to land a record deal with Carrere Records in Paris, France where she had several successful singles and appeared internationally on radio and television, including Radio Luxemburg.  In addition to her background as a live performer, Powers' craftsmanship as a songwriter has made a name for herself in the music and film industries and her songs have been covered by numerous recording artists, and have received awards in the television, music and advertising industries.

Explains Powers, "When I write music for my CDs, I think partially in terms of the kind of music that I'd like to paint to, because when I paint I'm on a different level of awareness.  I wanted songs that would help take me, and the listener, to that level.  People have told me that this music takes them to a special place and creates a mood that is uplifting and peaceful.  Since my intention was to take the listener on a musical journey to another time and place it's very satisfying to get that positive feedback."